Graphic Recording is young discipline which can be categorized under the larger context of „visualization”, but not under an artistic domain. It’s turning live talks into visual content. Graphic recorder captures the main ideas from expert presentations delivered at live events, meetings, conferences, etc., and turns them into memorable and eye-catching visual summaries on the fly. Graphic Recording combining words and images in a fun format that people really relate to. Of course, not everyone is primarily a visual learner, but graphic recording’s combination of pictures and words is novel, compelling, and memorable. How it works? You speak, I document. I would be happy to help you see more - on large-scale - by hand-sketched visual. I visualize for you live in real time, thereby producing visual minutes to your event, exact and ready on the spot at its conclusion. All vizualizations take place and emerge discreetly so you don’t have to make any changes in the planning of your event.

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